Our new logo, the letter "E" that looks like a heart, symbolizes E-C Mix Records and ecmix.com's commitment to excellence and customer care.


E-C Mix Records, founded in 1997, is mainly a professional record production company engaged in the production of commercial grade music album recordings. Now E-C Mix Records Production & Management®, a duly registered business in the Philippines, is a digital media record productions services and sales company, specializing in professional record production, and an e-commerce based direct dealership sales for electronic gadgets and computer peripherals.

Electronic gadgets and computer peripherals sales are mainly focused on-line as an internet/web-based selling (E-Commerce Business) conquering the boundaries of the area-based retail store-front. In this venture, the company only carries the biggest brand names in computer and electronics technology.

The company also has a music publishing division, E-C Mix Records Music Publishing, registered and recognized by the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers (FILSCAP). The division’s primary objectives are to discover and develop new breed of songwriters/composers, and to aide them, both amateur and professionals, to have their materials marketed to the right channels. Our key role as a music publisher is to administer copyrights, to license songs, and to collect royalties, all for and on behalf of the songwriter.


Our company boasts clientele from both the corporate and consumer level markets. With that said, we are committed to give consumers and companies the best deal possible for professional digital media services and high quality products. Our main goal is to bring everyone closer to digital technology. At E-C Mix Records we guarantee all our clients and customers to get only the highest possible standards of professional quality services and merchandise at the lowest possible cost.
E-C Mix Records. We Bring You CLOSER To The Digital world.


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