E-C Mix Records is NOT a recording studio. We are a Professional Record Production house producing records since 1997. All you need to do is just sit back and let our team do all the work. We guarantee to make your projects sound Excellent!

We work on a state-of-the-art digital multi-track environment, and working  on professional contact establishments. The sound is crisp, the concepts are fresh, and the masters sound brilliant. With award-winning and award nominee workforce from Record Producer to Session Musicians, Sound Engineers down to recording equipments, you can never go wrong hiring us to create a hit sounding product.

Price per production vary depending on the projects that you are going to commission to us. Rest assured our fees are competitive and reasonable. We accept all kinds of record production jobs; from school projects, commercial projects, to Indie recordings, to major record company label commercial releases.


We have worked with major recording artists both local and foreign, including indie bands. Click on WORKS on the menu above to see some of our past accomplishments and some of our past projects.


Contact us if you're interested. We will be more than willing to sit down with you and discuss your project.



- Professional Record Production Services

- Music Production Consultancy

- A&R Services (Artists & Repertoire)

- Musical Arrangement/Background Music/Minus-One

- Digital Mixing and Digital Mastering

- Digital Archiving (for big projects/large libraries only)




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